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I know it`s not a game to play
your eyes they show no fear
I burn inside and cannot wait to be
the man that feels your body close is here to set you free
to hold you near and satisfy your needs

You shiver as I touch your neck
and slowly close your eyes
I can`t resist you even if I try
we both surrender to the touch
as we lay there side by side
and everything around us disappears

If you believe in love tonight, I`m gonna show you one more time
If you believe then let it out , no need to worry there`s no doubt
If you believe, if you believe, if you believe, then let it out

As you run your fingers through my hair
your lips come close to mine
the tension becomes more that I can bear
then you wrap your arms around me
and I feel your every move
this feeling could now lead us anywhere
now we leave the world behind us
this moment we both share, just you and me, that how is meant to be
I never wanted you so much
I feel your every breath- as you gently whisper in my ear



you know where to find me x3

22.8.08 12:01

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lars / Website (22.8.08 12:31)
ONE more time? xD

Liiiiiiii (22.8.08 13:01)

lars / Website (22.8.08 17:15)
war schoen, deine stimme zu hoeren

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